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We have put up this temporary store in this time of need as we have been able to find some products that can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Our pricing is determined by the manufacturer, the cost of air-frieght, and worldwide demand.

As global citizens we are doing our best to help.  Be healthy and safe!

Dave Burnett

President - PromotionalProducts.com


PromotionalProducts.com - Family Owned Since 1995

Founding Story: 

It took over 15 years for Dave Burnett to finally buy promotionalproducts.com.

You see promotionalproducts.com was first registered by over 25 years ago by a forward thinking California native named Charles.  His original intent was to start into the business and eventually pass it along to his young son.  So as the years went by, Charles went about his days waiting for the right time to pass it on.

This is the way it was for 7 years until one day in 2002 our founder Dave Burnett discovered that Charles is the proud owner of promotionalproducts.com.  Dave loved the domain name so much he decided to reach out to Charles to see if he would sell it. 

Charles shared his story about wanting to keep the site for his son.  This was a truly compelling reason so Dave promised to keep in touch should anything change.  Little did he know how long it would take, but he kept his word.  At first he kept in touch every 3 months, then every 4 months, and eventually every 6 months.

The years pass... and finally, after 15 long years of following up, Dave and Charles connected on one of their bi-annual calls.  It turns out that Charles' son was done university and had decided not to get into the promotional products business. 

On that day Charles agreed to sell promotionalproducts.com.

But the story doesn't end there!

After trying for 15 years to buy promotionalproducts.com, and finally getting it, Dave decided to reach out to the owner of promotionalproducts.ca. 

Jason, the proud owner, is an enterprising Canadian who was also waiting for promotionalproducts.com to become available.  When he learned the story of Charles and his son, and that it had taken 15 years for Dave to buy it, he agreed to sell promotionalproducts.ca that day to Dave too.

PromotionalProducts.com & PromotionalProducts.ca  - Family Owned Since 1995